The Quintessential Dimension

Personal Fulfillment and Sustainable Development do spring up from an Enlightened Society. This is achievable when humans are being governed during their lifetime by 5 specific dimensions. So what should those 5 inherent human dimensions be to fully develop and fulfill oneself, to shape and ultimately to streamline the education of our super hero human of tomorrow? As the author of the following article, I won’t pretend to be a paragon of what I am trying to set out as a new paradigm; I merely embody the outcome of the education I already received. I still have the same flaws that formed during my childhood and afterwards. I try to correct myself as much as I can, but some of the scars that developed during the very different schools throughout the years: my parents… the streets… as well as the official and unofficial ones must have impacted some of my whole. I still either willingly or unwillingly feed on what my neurons have been exposed to for decades. When sometimes I end up thinking I succeeded in something, it turned out to be just a face-lift. Nonetheless, I endeavor to ‘‘reformat’’ myself.

Human comes from Earth and is a simple Point.

His 1st Dimension that some people may call compassion, kindness, solidarity… should consist of generosity based on humility. We all have to bear in mind that ‘‘Humility derives from Humus’’.
That is The Philiatic or Empathetic or Altruistic Dimension.
Science is as crystal clear as Water and is rectilinear and infinite as a Line.

His 2nd Dimension consists of search for knowledge based on rationality. That is The Scientific Dimension

His 3rd Dimension consists of work based on creativity.
Action is associated to Fire and conducted in Space.
That is The Artistic Dimension
Social action is making profitable the use of the 3 above dimensions to devotedly serve the community. This is the antipode of politicians lacking compassion and whose actions are not wholeheartedly applied to public affairs.

His 4th Dimension allows him to breathe Air by giving a meaning to his life and understanding his existence Time.
That is The Social Dimension

His 5th Dimension makes him Light and links him with Eternity.
Spirituality is the synthesis of the above 4 dimensions.
That is The Spiritual or Quintessential Dimension

We arrive finally to the definition of Spirituality which is no more or less than the spirit or the quintessence of the first 4 Dimensions. It is the infallible scale of one’s core values and barometer of one’s aura within and beyond time. We can also add that we have here a holistic approach by understanding the meaning of spirituality referencing the above constituent dimensions that are intimately interconnected. The person who succeeds in one’s authentic social mission becomes a guide, a reference, a light. The latter doesn’t impose anything and still others follow his/her teachings because he/she is the best example. He, who turns his back on light, will live in darkness and therefore becomes an obscurantist. A man with no compassion is a man with no spirituality, no matter his faith or beliefs, the extent of his knowledge and creativity. Similarly, if he happened to be involved in politics, he would be one of those who perverted the noble purpose of such an essential dimension. Conversely, a compassionate man is the one propelled to great accomplishments for his community and himself and there is no doubt that he would have some level of spirituality.

This is a new vision of the world; therefore it calls for a new terminology. We can name it Pentarchy and concisely describe it as the Quintessential Dimension. Pentarchic philosophy consists of the beaconing principles that dictate behavior and action towards oneself and others. It is the self-government by these 5 dimensions that finally allows us to achieve peace, growth and harmony within ourselves and our communities.

The day, humans understand the vital role of Pentarchy by successfully implementing it; they will find themselves with an extra heavenly dimension! They will be simply angels. They would be flying in the midst of an abundance of celestial possessions and would be wealthier, happier, and healthier.
Pentarchy seems to be a utopia; nevertheless it is the only streamlined philosophy that has the benefit of being adaptable to human needs for his salvation and survival. It does not hold contradictions that may disorient and mislead the youth. It is the crowning glory of human thinking.

Meanwhile we can dream about a world free of wars, bigotry, hatred, superstition… A world where compassion, creativity and social actions will prevail, a world where humans will give finally a chance to science whose consequent development was immeasurably retarded for thousands of years due to the lack of solidarity and genuine politics. In fact, science would have already brought the answers to the many mysteries still hanging out there. At last but not least, science would’ve enabled humans to live much longer.

Roll on Pentarchy!