HATIM, the founder of HHH

Through his academic training, his love for Philosophy as a subject in broad sense, his many years traveling abroad and as a tour creator in Morocco, Hatim developed an enduring passion to travel through extraordinary environments, to visit people with different cultures, to see the magnificent monuments, museums and gardens that people have created, to walk through the markets of the world, and to touch the beautiful materials and crafts made by artisans. . On the basis of this very personal experience, Hatim now wishes to pass on the fun and excitement he has enjoyed over the course of these thirty years - hence the formation of HHH previously called Quintessentially Morocco. Although the Quintessential Dimension is an integral part of our philosophy; because of the confusion with the pioneers of Quintessentially, we preferred to opt for HHH. Here are enclosed two blogs: The Quintessential Dimension and Why Quintessentially?

Hatim attended many seminars and courses related to tourism, he was the creator of new itineraries and a terminology of a new vision of tour guiding. As well, Hatim has been the president of the Association of Tour Guides of the Region of Marrakech and the president of the National Federation of Tour Guides of Morocco. HHH will be delighted to work with your Organization.

For many visiting clients, this notion of having the right guide is oftentimes accompanied by a certain reticence, inspired chiefy by thoughts of the trust and complexity of such endeavors: “How could I find a kind, knowledgeable and creative guide? Would he have enough integrity? “How would I know we’d be getting our money’s worth?”; “I’d love to go with a good guide, but I'd really like to take it at my speed and avoid another ‘Tour-In-A-Can’ whirlwind debacle”; “How can I truly experience the flavor of the local culture?”.To dissolve these perceived obstacles and to satisfy the urge to tour the city or to go on an excursion in a thoroughly enjoyable manner is at the very heart of the services HHH offers. In consultation with our staff of travel professionals, themselves passionate travelers; itineraries are/will be uniquely crafted to re?ect one’s sensibilities and interests.

Before Any Guide Did Anything, Hatim Did Everything

Let your clients’ imagination wander, leave the details to us.

Hatim H Hatiman